onsdag 11. mai 2011

Obese naked me

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  1. Came for "obese naked me", stayed for "obese naked men". Totally worth it! :D

  2. Hi! I'm looking for you 'cause I casually seen your WONDERFUL vertical strip "Born Like An Artist". Now I'm watching you on dArt, but I hope that you'll use more this blog too. :)
    If you'll do it, I'll be here. :)

    Congrats from my heart (and Italy!)

  3. Hi sweet, how are you? I am brazilian and I'm making post graduation, and I really loved your work and I want quote you in my dissertation. So if you agree, I need know your entire name and anything else you want tell. Thank you and send me an e-mail: bianca.nogueira.mattos@gmail.com

  4. Hi Bia, I saw your comment because I commented here in 2011. As you see, IdaEva is not using this blog, so she might not notice your comment.
    But I follow her on dA: http://jellyvampire.deviantart.com/ and I see she uses it often.
    So maybe reach her there. ;)

    Good luck with your thesis, it must be interesting! :)